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Garden Designers Mayfair do my gardening for all of my properties. As a landlord I don't have time to look after all my properties and so need a reliable company that is also affordable. This company is certainly all of this and more.

  • Lucy Talbot

The blokes that work for this lawn service have superior skills. They are the best I've used in the area. Great prices with great service.

  • Nina S.

I use Garden Maintenance Mayfair regularly. I never have any problems with their gardeners and I doubt I ever will.

  • Jeff G.

I had a different landscaping service before GardenersMayfair but they never really did anything but mow the lawn. Not even trimming the edges! For the price I was paying, I expected a bit more.

  • Alan

Had Garden Designers Mayfair do some garden design for me. Did a really good job of it, very professional team, very well done. Thank you.

  • Wesley C.

GardenersMayfair provided me with excellent customer service and the best gardening services I could have asked for! The cost of the service was low too!

  • Martin Hills

I love my trees and bushes, and want them to look just right, that is why I use Garden Maintenance Mayfair. Been using these gardeners a while now, and they've not let me down. A good gardener is hard to come by, to be sure, and this company has the best.

  • John

Garden Designers Mayfair really surprised me with their fast, efficient and top-quality service! I needed someone to clear my garden and they were absolutely perfect. It was a cheap service and easy to book. The staff were really good at listening to what I needed and my garden looked great afterwards. I am very happy!

  • Jane

The work I hired Garden Maintenance Mayfair for was completed quickly and without any trouble. I am still impressed that they managed to deal with so much work in such a short time.

  • P. Grey

As much as I love gardening, I had to call in the experts when I needed help with lawn restoration and repair. Lawn Care Services Mayfair offered me the best quote and seemed the most professional bunch I spoke to. My first impressions were obviously right as my lawn has been restored to normal and is greener than ever! Highly recommend.

  • Terry Lewis

Lawn Care Services Mayfair are a fantastic gardening company if you want a professional service that isn't too expensive. The service provided to me was excellent from start to finish, and I'm very happy with the work done to my garden. This is a gold-star service and amazing value for money.

  • Rick R.

I doubt you will find better around than Gardening Services Mayfair. Their weeding and planting services are incredible. You would not believe what you get for your money. Highly recommended!

  • Nessie Vickars

I can never find the time to see to lawn mowing but it is vital that it is done regularly and correctly. This is why I hire Landscaping Mayfair because they can do it for me. They have always worked quickly but yielded a terrific result with grass cutting. If you need similar services then you won't be disappointed with this top gardening firm.

  • K. Evans

I love having a neat and tidy garden but even that can be challenging at times. What with a job, a family and a busy lifestyle, I do not have the time to tend to my gardening problems. I really struggle when it comes to keeping my lawn looking nice. I do not know how the neighbours manage to keep their lawns looking so good without any added help! I now have a lovely looking lawn but it wasn't achieved alone; I hired Lawn Care Services Mayfair to come and help me with my lawn maintenance. I didn't manage the job alone but at least I have a lovely garden and lawn!

  • Chad Thompson

Gardening Services Mayfair do a great weeding service for me and at a good cost. My workshop has a small area of garden that needs attention and hiring this company helps tremendously. Sometimes they plant seasonal plants for colour, and help with hedge trimming. All in all it is great to have the experts to rely on.

  • Alex Clayton

After all the gardening work was done, we were left with lots of grass, twigs, weeds, plants and more we needed to get rid of. It was mentioned that we should call GardenersMayfair and I'm glad we did. Their team were able to collect everything from us in one go, without us even needing to be there. The garden waste was gone and the work was complete. Thanks for the help!

  • Nicola Gillen

Landscaping Mayfair really do deliver great gardening services. I hired their gardeners to mow the lawn and trim the hedges, since I'm currently incapacitated due to a recent accident. The service was cheap to hire, and their gardeners were polite, trustworthy and hard working. I'll definitely be calling them again.

  • Ben

I have three school-age kids and so it's hard to find the time and the energy to do very much in the garden. Landscaping Mayfair has a really affordable garden maintenance service that is very cost-effective and saves a whole load of hassle. They came to my house to do a one-off garden clearance and I've been using them ever since.

  • Rebecca H.

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